707 Queenston Instant Water Heater

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707 Queenston Instant Water Heater

Model Code: Queenston

  • $379.00

Innovative Heating Technology
Queenston’s heating element is made up of a separated stainless steel water channel wrapped around the stainless steel heating tube and encased in one-piece cast aluminium for greater heat efficiency and longer lifespan.

Thermostatic Control
With Queenston’s smart thermostatic control, you can personalise your preferred shower temperature and be assured of a constant temperature throughout your shower. The ease of enjoying your desired shower is only a touch away.

Multi-Point System
Enjoy flexibility with Queenston’s multi-point system which allows you to supply instantaneous hot water to one standing shower and a wash basin within the same bathroom.

Multi Level Safety System
Cuts off heating when water temperature reaches scalding level to ensure the highest safety for you and your family.

Pledge of Safety
707 water heaters are rigorously tested for compliance with Singapore safety standards.

Pressure Relief Device
Built-up pressure in the water tank is automatically released for added protection and safety.

Automatic Water Flow Sensor
Safety feature intelligently activates heating only when water flow is detected.

IPX5 Splash Proof
The internal circuitry of each heater is isolated by sturdy, splash-proof casing.

Massage Shower Set
Each heater is equipped with a luxurious massage shower set for an invigorating shower experience.

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